The Maine Lighthouse Museum has recently been a rented site for a wedding, a graduation party, a baby shower, and now the building has been rented for a relaxation workshop! If you would like to rent the museum for a public or private function, please contact us at 207-594-3301.

Rock The Path - A FREE relaxation mini-workshop open to the public.

Please join Rock The Path at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland on Thursday, June 18 from 6 pm to 8 pm for a free evening of relaxing exploration where you'll be introduced to and experience Hemi-Sync! Neither subliminal nor hypnotic, Hemi-Sync is a scientifically and clinically proven audio technology which uses tones to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain, easily and safely creating peaceful, meditative states from which one has available a broader range of perceptions.

Hemi-Sync is an effective, safe and powerful addition to your meditative, spiritual, wellness and/or energetic toolbox. Supported by more than 40 years of clinical and academic research, Hemi-Sync successfully encourages, accelerates and supports a myriad of applications, goals and endeavors, including healing, creative problem solving, obtaining guidance, relaxing, meditating, reducing pain and stress, increasing focus and concentration, and enhancing and maximizing one's potential.

This evening's event is presented free of charge by Rock The Path, a charitable nonprofit holistic retreat and educational center in Camden offering a range of beneficial services and experiential programming providing effective tools, beneficial skills and enlightening experiences to enhance the minds, bodies, spirits and lives of its students. Programming includes retreats, seminars and workshops to support the exploration of consciousness.

*The Maine Lighthouse Museum does not necessarily share the views of any of the groups renting the museum for public meetings or workshops.